Stream Live Video with Chromecast

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We’ve been doing some initial tests with Google Chromecast, and we’re happy to say that Live Video with Chromecast is something that the 247 Platform is doing out of the box.

We’ve tested playing back Live videos in Google Chrome, casting that tab our new Google Chomecast, and then full-screening the video.  The playback looks good, and it’s working the same way as the webpage version does!

Let us know your experiences and plans for Google Chromecast

Support for Live and On-Demand streaming to PlayStation 4

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We’re happy to announce that the 247 Platform is working well with streaming to PlayStation 4′s in-build browser, giving another way for your viewers to connect and watch your content on their TV!

Live video streaming to PlayStation 4

Live video being played with the built-in PlayStation 4 web browser.

If you’re wanting to stream to devices such as PlayStation 4′s, drop us an email at, twitter @247platform, or simply head over to and create your free account!

New Wiki and API Documentation

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247 Platform WikiOver the last year the 247 Platform has grow at an outstanding rate. We’ve more hours of video being served each day, and our features in the API and website have grown as our users have asked to do new and interesting things with the service. One thing that’s struggled to keep up however is our documentation and help site.

Today we’re launching two new things. First, a Wiki containing our API and site documentation and help, so people can quickly look up what they need and we can keep up with the rate of change so developers can use the new things. The other is this blog, which we’ll use to announce new services and changes to the 247 Platform.

The Wiki can be found at . We’re working to get all the new API calls on there, along with the rest of the site documentation.