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Upload your Video files For Different Streaming Profiles

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We’ve added a new feature which allows you to encode your own video files off-line, and then upload them for your multi-bitrate On-Demand streaming video.  

Simply create your different versions of the same video using your preferred video encoder, and then upload them to the 247 Platform.  Under the On Demand tab in your video, you now have the option to select your uploaded files, and one of the Presets, and copy the uploaded file rather than having to transcode your video to the desired options!

Whereas before, you would have had to transcode your video to the desired outputs, we’ve been working with clients who are already generating their own different outputs and want a way to quickly upload these files.

Don’t worry if you’re  just creating one video – the Transcoder service is still available for all to use!

This means those of you with the workflow in place to generate multiple versions of your file can now create them all off-line using your video encoding software, upload and apply them to an On-Demand video.

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