Pay as you Go Pricing

We’ve aimed to keep the 247 Platform as cheap to use as possible, so we’re billing you on a Pay As You Go scheme, and only for the data you use.

Pay As You Go

This means you can only ever use what you pay for in advance, so no large bills at the end of the month! Simply deposit money into your account using PayPal and off you go. If you run out of money we’ll notify you via email.


Our costing structure is wonderfully simple and clear, and you can see exactly what you’re going to use. Our costs are based on what you are actually using rather than paying for data allowances you never use, this way we keep the costs fairer and your profits higher.

Data, for delivering the video content to your viewer, is costed slightly differently depending on what geographical region your viewer is in. This is the cost of the video being delivered from the 247 Platform to your viewer. There is no cost for uploading video to the 247 Platform.

Geographic Region Cost
Europe / North America $0.151 / gb
South America $0.315 / gb
Asia (Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan) $0.240 / gb
Japan $0.254 / gb
Australia $0.240 / gb
India $0.214 / gb
The cost for storing video and images on the 247 Platform is calculated at a per GB per Month rate, with the addition of a per object (video file, thumbnail file) per day

Storage of Data ( calculated daily ) $0.150 / gb / month
Each File $0.001 / file / 24hrs
Video transcoding is when we convert a file you uploaded or recorded into different formats so they can be played back on different devices. It’s not required, but recommended for On-Demand files to get the maximum device compatibility for your videos.

Video Transcode $0.0408 / minute

If you don’t have your own pay-wall solution or website to use our feature rich API, we provide a simple method of controlling user access to your videos.

User Credentials $0.01 each

Our costs are all priced in US Dollars, but don’t worry if you don’t have a USD account, as PayPal will allow you to pay in your local currency and convert it to the correct amount for you.