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Domain limiting for Embedding Videos

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Need to limit the websites you embed your video in?  Don’t want a particular site sharing your content, or want to limit to two or three partner sites?  We’ve now added Referrer settings so you can do just that!

In your Video’s page you’ll now see a new tab called Referrers, giving you control on what TLD’s ( Top level domains ) your video can or cannot be embedded on using referral tracking.  This feature is now available to all uses, and documentation on it can be found at http://docs.247platform.com/index.php/Limiting_Embedding_onto_websites_by_URL.

This is only one part of the security tool-kit provided by the 247 Platform, but we hope it goes to help control access of your content at a simple level.  If you’re after more information on how to control access to your video on a per-user basis, then we recommend you check out the API documentation for doing just that, available at http://docs.247platform.com/index.php/API

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